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"We were thrilled to have our first show and launch, and got great response from the community. We wanted to say THANK YOU for your support, and look forward to opening up orders on the website soon," said Erica McVeigh, CEO of VivTech Products.

A first in the industry- VivTech is disrupting the industry with their launch of 3-watt LED UVB- and UVA-producing bulbs - saving keepers not only on the cost of their electric bill, but also on the cost of replacing bulbs over time. This Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) message is what makes their products different- not to mention, the bulbs themselves.

"At only 3 watts, these bulbs do not produce the heat that a typical mercury-vapor bulb produces - and at that low of a wattage, you save money over time on energy costs just to run the lights you typically would for your reptiles," said Ryan McVeigh, COO of VivTech Products. "You also save substantially on replacement costs - our bulbs have a 2-year warranty and have been tested to last up to 4 years - and the diodes do not appear to be degrading during that time. The bulb likely would give out before the diodes degrade."

In addition to the launch of these new bulbs, VivTech also launched a UVB meter, and plans to launch more products of a similar manner in the coming months. "It is important to measure your UVB, to ensure your animals are getting what they need," added McVeigh. "We will also be offering an annual calibration service to those who purchase meters from us- as they must be calibrated annually to ensure accuracy."

"Our goal is to change reptile keeping - for the better," said Erica McVeigh. "We hope to revolutionize keeping in a positive way, our goal is to make animals happier and healthier in captivity, to ensure better breeding outcomes, which ultimately helps with the conservation and preservation of species around the world, and to utilize sales to support conservation of our hobby through USARK, and conservation of wildlife around the world through herpetological wildlife conservation organizations."

VivTech Products sold nearly half of their stock at the Shaumburg show, and will publish the remaining stock on their website this week. Restocks will continue throughout the year, as well as the launch of other unique husbandry products.

For more information, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their website at www.vivtechproducts.com.

VivTech Launches!

VivTech Launches at the NARBC in Schaumburg, IL on June 19th! Thank you, Wally Kern of Supreme Gecko, for creating this on our behalf!

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