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Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera


Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera 22-SM-CAM-EX-HD-WI
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VivTech Smart Monitor App devices allow you to take the next step in advancing husbandry by offering tailored controls and monitoring right to your phone or tablet! The VivTech Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera is ideal for surveying reptile and amphibian rooms or placing directly in front of enclosures.Placing these cameras in front of enclosures allows for easy movement from one enclosure to the next and prevents interruption of your pet’s habitat.

The VivTech Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera is a high-definition camera with automatic transition to night vision, motion detection, and video recording.Video can be stored and secured safely on the cloud for later viewing (with subscription) or on a Micro SD card (not included). You can feel secure with our 6-month limited warranty. This is NOT able to be used as a Web Cam.

Walking through Downtown Chicago enjoying a bubble tea with friends, you receive a notification to your phone.Smiling from the conversation, you look down at your phone and see it’s from your VivTech App alerting you that there was movement in your reptile room!That can’t be.You always close the door behind you and your roommate isn’t home for another 4-hours.You open the VivTech App and find that your Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera that you posted facing your enclosures caught your bearded dragon exiting his home! You call your neighbor for a favor and watch as Debbie puts your bearded dragon back into their enclosure so you can continue to enjoy your day out. With the two-way audio built-in microphone and speaker, you even say thanks to Debbie. Epic!

The Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera provides high-definition audio and video in real time as well as recordings (with subscription) for the pet owner peace of mind.With easy access through the VivTech App, monitoring has never been easier!Through the VivTech App you can control when the motion detection is on.

For those who want the deeper details on the Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera, we have you covered:

  • Comes with a Micro USB power cord
  • Equipped with motion detection
  • Advanced night vision that sees up to 5-8 feet in pitch dark
  • Two way microphone and speaker audio system
  • Micro SD memory card storage up to 128GB (Micro SD card not included). When installing the Micro SD card, please turn the camera off, install the card, then turn the camera on.
  • Cloud storage (included with subscription)
  • Versatile base that can be mounted, stood up, or clipped
  • 1080x1920 2MP full HD camera
  • 135 degree viewing angle

Note:The Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera is NOT water resistant. For a water resistant camera, please use the Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera.


Please, follow this tutorial for set-up: Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera

Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera
Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera