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Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera


Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera 21-SM-CAM-OU-WF-R9045
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VivTech Smart Monitor App devices allow you to take the next step in advancing husbandry by offering tailored controls and monitoring right to your phone or tablet!The VivTech Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera is ideal for direct placement into your reptile or amphibian enclosures or placing in larger outside enclosures.Placing these cameras in enclosures allows for real time monitoring of your pet’s behaviors when people aren’t around and even when the lights are off.

The VivTech Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera is a cord less water resistant high-definition camera with automatic transition to night vision, motion detection, and video recording.Video can be stored and secured safely on the cloud for later viewing (with subscription) or on a TF card (not included).You can feel secure with our 6-month limited warranty. This can NOT be utilized as a Web Cam.

Finally!You get to take a vacation.It’s been years and you only agreed because you recently installed the VivTech Smart Monitor devices throughout your reptile room and you feel like you can finally relax.While enjoying a well deserved Mai Tai you receive a notification to your phone and panic hits.It’s the alert from your VivTech App!Did something happen?!You quickly open the app and see it is a notification from your Red Eyed Croc Skink enclosure.You had mounted a Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera wirelessly into their enclosure and hid it with some plants.These elusive animals never move while you are around and thanks to the Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera, you are relaxing with a Mai Tai watching your favorite lizards move around their enclosure without any cares in the world.Pure magic!

The Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera provides high-definition audio and video in real time as well as recordings (with subscription) for the pet owner peace of mind.The full wireless battery holds a charge for nearly 6 months and has the additional benefit of solar charging.With easy access through the VivTech App, monitoring has never been easier!Through the VivTech App you can control when the motion detection is on.Alexa and Google Home voice control further supports ease of use.

For those who want the deeper details on the Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera, we have you covered:

  • 6 volt 3 watt Monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel with Micro USB for charging outdoors
  • Micro USB cord for charging
  • 6,000 mA Polymer Lithium Battery with 6+ month life
  • Equipped with motion detection
  • Advanced night vision that sees up to 8 meters in pitch dark
  • Two way microphone and speaker audio system
  • TF memory card storage at 2 million pixels all day video recording (TF card not included)
  • Cloud storage (included with subscription)
  • Versatile mounting options that can be screwed in or suction cupped with multi-angled rotation
  • IP66 rainproof
  • AP hotspot WiFi function within 10 meters meaning the camera does not need to be connected to the internet
  • 1080x1920 2MP full HD camera
  • 135 degree viewing angle

Please, follow this tutorial for set-up: Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera Tutorial

Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera
Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera
Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera
Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera
Smart Monitor In-Situ Camera