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VivTech Temperature & Humidity Smart Sensor Tutorial

This tutorial was performed on an Android device and screen shots were edited down for space.


  1. To add your new device, open the VivTech App on your smart phone (see ‘How to Sign Up’ if needed).

  2. Under the ‘Devices’ section, select the VivTech Smart Monitor Gateway you want to connect the sensor to.  Remember, each gateway can support up to 50 sensors.

  3. Click ‘Add Subdevice’ to start the process of syncing.

  4. Use the blunted metal pin included with the sensor to reset the unit.  Press the reset button on the side of the unit for 5 seconds until the LED light on top of the unit begins to blink.  This indicates the sensor is now in pairing mode.


  5. The VivTech App will show the gateway system attempting to pair with the sensor. When the unit is added successfully to your VivTech App, you will be able to change the name and add a location to keep your VivTech Smart Monitor devices organized.

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