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VivTech Ex-Situ Enclosure Smart Camera

This tutorial was performed on an Android device and screen shots were edited down for space.


  1. To add your new device, open the VivTech App on your smart phone (see ‘How to Sign Up’ if needed).

  2. In the right hand corner, select ‘QR Code’ as the Set-Up Method for the camera.  The illustration displayed on the screen may vary from the actual look of the product.  To turn on the camera, plug the Micro USB plug into the port on the camera and the USB plug into an appropriate power source. 

  3. The camera will need to be reset in order to sync with your app.  Press the RESET button located on the backside of the camera.  Hold the button for 5 seconds until you hear a voice prompt that the reset was successful. 

    Please note that the process varies considerably from the illustration on the app screen.

  4. A custom QR Code will appear on your phone screen for you to place in front of the VivTech Smart Monitor Ex-Situ Camera lens.  Once successfully scanned an audible prompt will notify you of success.

    Privacy screen protectors should not affect the set-up of the phone during this step.

  5. The camera view will open in your VivTech app automatically.  Clicking the Pencil icon in the right hand corner will take you to Settings.

  6. After changing the name and selecting the location of the camera, return to Settings and review other Settings options as desired.


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