Pothos Plant

The VivTech SurSun uses LEDs to reduce energy use to only 3W. With a bulb life of 20,000 hours (that's roughly 4/12 years!) you can feel secure in our 2-year limited warranty.

The SurSun bulb answers the two main pain points for keepers who need quality ultraviolet radiation on a multitude of spectrums: UVB Bulbs are normally big and bulky, and not to mention expensive! With the TruSun UVB bulb, you cut your costs down with a lower-cost bulb, plus less wattage use than traditional UVB bulbs.


Long Lasting - Up to 4 years of life!

Our bulbs are made to last - with a unique design that allows them to operate at nearly 100% of the same levels as day one up to 4 years later! On top of that, we've included a 2-year warranty - which means you will likely experience savings within 18 months of purchase*.

Only 3 Watts - Low Temperature

SurSun bulbs are not meant to heat your enclosure, and are purely designed to emit UVA/UVB radiation. The visible light that you see are from specially designed plant light diodes, so that the bulbs emit a light source to simulate sunlight for your animals (and are handy if you have a bioactive enclosure, too!) Since they only need 3 watts of power, your electric bill will likely average under $5 per year to operate**.

Encourage Natural Behaviors

The professionals at VivTech, along with dozens of other owners, have anecdotally observed positive, natural behaviors in their animals when they provide a SurSun UVA/UVB bulb, when compared to a typical UVB bulb. Check out our Instagram page to see updates from VivTech and other owners on their experiences!